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In 1492 - tobacco was first seen by Europeans. The Indians gave Columbus a bunch of dried tobacco leaves. Although Christopher Columbus was indeed the first European to try tobacco, he did not become a smoker. The first real Old World smoker to set an example for Europeans was one of Columbus's crew, Rodrigo de Jerez. He brought tobacco to Europe.

After traveling thousands of miles, American Virginia Gold tobacco reached the shores of mysterious India. There, tobacco merged with the centuries-old culture of hookah smoking, becoming an integral attribute of all holidays and ceremonies.

Thanks to enterprising traders in the Middle East, hookah tobacco began its long journey through the Middle East and Central Asia. As a result, in the territory of modern UAE the final stage of formation of fullness of tastes took place. To please sheikhs, tobacco was mixed with various exotic fruits and spices.

In this form, on the ships of the East India Company, hookah tobacco continued its journey to Europe, where it became a luxury item that only noble people could afford.

Continuing the centuries-old history and preserving the authentic recipe honed over the centuries (a secret that is the pride of the company), with the involvement of the best experts and specialists from India and the UAE, we are pleased to bring to your attention the Royal Smok hookah tobacco.

The basis of the mixture is Virginia Gold tobacco, which was manually soaked in cane molasses by the first workers of Royal Smok and mixed with mashed dried fruits at the Royal Smok manufactory in Virginia (USA) back in 1735.


Today premium hookah tobacco "Royal Smok" is a combination of centuries-old traditions and modern technologies. Using exclusively premium Virginia Gold tobacco allows you to get both softness and expressive taste. These qualities, in comparison with cheaper and lower-grade types of tobacco, provide a significant advantage, which is expressed in a high taste and thick puffs of smoke throughout the entire smoking session.

Advanced equipment, modern technologies for the permeation and processing of tobacco with natural ingredients of the highest class, together with more than 100 years of knowledge, have made it possible to obtain hookah tobacco with high heat resistance and stable taste.

In connection with entering the European market, in order to minimize the logistics component in the price of products, it was decided to transfer production to Europe. Since Ukraine is the geographical center of Europe, in 2020 the company built a factory in Ukraine that is aimed at European consumers.

The Royal Smok factory is built in accordance with all national and international standards. We have passed certification, the products meet all quality standards. Our license gives the right to sell products in all of the European countries. We listened to the wishes of our customers and created a wide range of solo flavors and mixes, which will only expand in the future.

We made tobacco, which we are very proud of.

Try it! We are sure - you will want more!

Produced under license of "Royal Smok" USA. 1735