Varieties of tobacco for hookah

If you are an experienced hookah maker, you probably know that there are many different types of tobacco for hookah and which of them are the most popular. But if you are a beginner in the hookah industry, then you definitely need to read this article.

As you know, the top and most common are three types of tobacco: Virginia, Burley, and Oriental. Therefore, we have collected the most relevant and interesting information for you.

1. Virginia - the most famous variety of tobacco for hookah, which has a mild taste, good smoke, and natural sweetness. It belongs to light tobaccos and thanks to the sugar inside  is rather heat-resistant so it is possible to make cut  the mix into small pieces for the best disclosure of taste. Also, Virginia tobacco contains only 1-3% nicotine and up to 20% sugar. And the roots go back to the United States.

So we chose this variety to create premium Royal Smok tobacco.

 2. Burley - a variety of tobacco that has a rich taste and ability to "bind" aromas. Outwardly, it is slightly similar to Virginia, but contains more nicotine (2-4%) and less sugar. Burley hookah tobacco also has a low heat resistance and is produced in the United States and Mexico. It has a darker brown shade than Virginia and is divided into two types of strength: light - light, dark - stronger. It is perfect for those who love not only a delicious aroma but also a feeling of light exhiliration.

3.Oriental - an unusual variety of tobacco, which differs from the previous with it's sweetness, some spice and a slight tingling on the tongue. Many hookahs know it as tobacco, which absorbs various aromatic additives well. Most are made in Turkey, but can also be priduced in Greece and Cyprus. Sort Oriental will not be liked by everyone, most likely it will be an "amateur" because of its specific taste. So you definitely won't entangle it with other hookah tobacco.

So which tobacco is better?

Of course that Royal Smok! This is our site :) (joke). We are sure that our tobacco will be your favorite, because we use a high quality Virginia sort and a time-tested recipe that makes tobacco very smoky and delicious. Our tobacco can be smoked for about two hours, just by changing the embers. It is suitable for all hookah lovers and even beginners. And if you haven't tried Royal Smok yet, it's just the time to. And we promise that you won't be able to break away.

You will be able to find all tastes here. We are sure you will be delighted!

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