How to fill the hookah bowl correctly?

Sometimes you want to stay home and enjoy a delicious hookah. But in order to get a delicious hookah you need to fill the bowl correctly. This is the key to long and pleasant hookah smoking.

Let's consider the basic rules of hookah hammering on the example of a classic bowl - Turks.

Before you score a hookah bowl you always need to grind tobacco, as the tobacco leaves are not always the same. Cut and mix the tobacco thoroughly. Put the tobacco loosely into the bowl, 2-3 cm to the edge of the bowl, so that it does not start to burn. On request, for better traction, we make a so-called "well" - a small hole inside the bowl.

The air type of plugs is popular among beginners. Tobacco is ground, cleaned of debris and loosened. Then they are thrown into the bowl.

Rammers are the best way to fill the bowl to create thick and concentrated smoke. With this type of filling, a lot of tobacco fits into the bowl, which absorbs all the heat.

Overpack is used for heat-resistant tobaccos. Before filling, the tobacco must be crumpled in the hands by squeezing the juice out of it. Then put it loosely into the bowl. Most use flat bowls. Thus, you minimize costs and your hookah will be easier to prepare. After a while, so that the thrust is the same as at the beginning - the top layer is baked to create a protective crust.

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