How to increase the smoke in hookah

The vast majority of connoisseurs of hookah evaluate it on the indicator of smoke, because the longer the thick white smoke is, the more pleasant is the whole process of smoking. However, smokiness depends on many factors, and today we will reveal all the secrets of making fragrant smoky hookah.

To begin with, it is necessary to determine the factors that directly affect the amount of smoke

Heat control

Proper heating of hookah tobacco is one of the main factors influencing smoke. The amount of smoke directly depends on the optimal heating temperature of the tobacco - the higher it is, the more intensely the liquid begins to evaporate and as a result, a large amount of smoke is released. However, it is necessary to use the right amount of charcoal, because if you overheat the hookah tobacco, it begins to burn and emit a bitter taste. That is, the main task - to heat the tobacco to the maximum temperature, but not to allow it to burn. The best way to make a smoky hookah is to place the coals on the edges of the bowl for even heating, use two to four layers of foil to get the required level of heat transfer, and make enough holes in the foil.

Tobacco preparation and bowl sealing

To get thick smoke, you need to prepare the hookah tobacco and properly distribute it in the bowl. Before placing the tobacco directly in the bowl, you need to loosen it a bit. Do not squeeze the tobacco too much, because then you risk losing glycerin, which directly affects the amount of smoke. You can find information on how to properly hammer a hookah bowl in our article.

Liquid in the flask

Hookah smoke is also affected by the amount of water in the flask, or more precisely by the water level - it is necessary that the tube was immersed in water or other liquid for two centimeters. There is also a myth that if you use milk, the smoky hookah will be greater, but this is not true.

The time to warm up the mixture for hookah

Another important factor that affects how thick the smoke will be. Before you start smoking a hookah, you need to let hookah tobacco warm up for a few minutes. During this time, even the deepest layers of tobacco gradually heat up and due to this, you will get a saturated pure white smoke.

Quality of tobacco

Smoke a hookah depends on the quality of the tobacco and the amount of glycerin in the composition. If you want to increase the amount of smoke, you can add it to the mixture for smoking, but you must use high-purity glycerin, which can be purchased at a store that sells vapes. Medical glycerin is not recommended - it increases the amount of smoke but harms the taste.

We are sure that with Royal Smok hookah tobacco you will enjoy thick clouds of smoke in the process of smoking in combination with unsurpassed tastes.

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