Why there's lack of the taste in hookah?

The main reasons for the lack of taste can be divided into three groups: smoking accessories, tobacco problems and frequent smoking.

Smoking accessories

Leaking joints between hookah parts are one of the main causes of taste loss. To avoid this, carefully check that the valve, hose and cup mounting do not sink. Also, the cause of loss of taste is contamination of the hose or hookah shaft, after each smoking it is recommended to rinse them thoroughly. Poor quality materials from which smoking accessories are made also affect the taste, as they can have poor taste transfer. Therefore, if you choose a hookah for yourself, you need to read the reviews about it, or ask for advice from a professional.


The reason for the lack of taste may be poor quality tobacco, or rather a small amount of flavor in it. It should be noted that the transfer of taste depends on the type of tobacco, such flavors as mango or banana usually don't have a bold taste. To avoid such a phenomenon as the lack of taste sensations, it is necessary to carefully choose quality tobacco. We are sure that absolutely everyone will like the hookah dressing from Royal Smoke, and with our tobacco you will be able to feel the full rich taste and truly enjoy the whole process of smoking.

In addition to the quality of tobacco, the transfer of taste can be influenced by mechanical factors. You can squeeze it too hard - the hookah will be strong, but you risk losing flavor and glycerin, then the hookah will have a faint taste and little smoke. How to avoid other factors that affect the smoke, we have already told in a previous article, which can be found at the link.

To preserve the taste in tobacco, it is necessary to store it properly - if you leave the package open, part of the flavor evaporates, and the leaves dry out, and in addition to the loss of taste, a bitter aftertaste may appear.

Frequent smoking

If you are a big fan of hookah smoking, you may have a problem with dulling the taste buds. However, do not be afraid, the solution to this problem is easy - you need to give up smoking for 2-3 days and then the taste will return.

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